The brand On The Ground exists to spread love and compassion throughout the world. Both for oneself and for others.

The inspiration came from Mark Feinberg the brand’s founder who has suffered with mental health issues since he was young.

Mark was supposed to record a podcast one day and his depression was so bad he could barely get out of bed.  He texted his co-host Elaine and said, “here are the options. We either cancel the show or the show is going to be very real about my own struggles as I can barely get out of bed.”  

The show ended up recording and the show went deep into Mark’s depression and mental health struggles.  

At one point Mark said, “some days, like today, I just celebrate days where I put my feet on the ground.”  And Elaine said “I sure wish I had socks that said On The Ground.”  

And the idea for the brand On The Ground was born.

Mark believes heavily in the impact of positive affirmations both to spread love and as a reminder to himself. Mark is often seen wearing BREATHE on his shirt (now available in the store) as a reminder to breathe, but also it has proven to help others as well. Mark is often stopped and thanked for the reminder to BREATHE. Simple but effective.

We hope our products bring moments of love, joy, comfort, a smile, a reminder and peace to each person who buys our products and to those around them.
And remember, some days celebrating your feet on the ground is more than enough. And it's ok to not even make it that far on certain days.

Sending love to all.

- Mark Feinberg, Founder of On The Ground